“Your work is a blessing to the Jewish People.”  Sarah Stern, Founder & President, Endowment for Middle East Truth.

“Here is a new voice from Israel: Jewish and modern; realistic and optimistic; ready for peace, resolute to fight; honest and unafraid.  Emmanuel Navon is a voice you need to hear.”  David Frum, Former Special Advisor to President George W. Bush.

“Emmanuel Navon’s broad European horizons, deep Jewish roots, and thorough understanding of international affairs make him capture the absurdities that beset Israel and the hope that keeps it going.”  Amotz Asa-El, Former Executive Editor of the Jerusalem Post.

“Students were very impressed, many saying your presentation was the best.”  Ophir Peleg, Director of the Stand With Us Israel Fellowship.

“Emmanuel Navon is emerging as one of the Jewish state’s most prominent voices on the right.”  The Canadian Jewish News. 

“Your talk was impressive and sobering and the discussion was wonderful.” Christopher DeMuth, D. C. Searle Senior Fellow, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research. 

“You were terrific.”  Judy Diamonstein, Director of Development, Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley. 

“I can’t begin to tell you again how much our group appreciated your speaking to us at the University of Tel-Aviv.  We found your remarks very enlightening.”  David Selikowitz, Director, Action Citoyenne pour le Proche-Orient.

“You have received wonderful reviews … Your work for the federation system has been invaluable.”  Nadine S. Schneider, Director, Speakers Bureau, The Jewish Federations of North America.

“I would be pleased to recommend Dr. Navon as a speaker to all nature of audiences.  His presentation is extremely intelligent, sophisticated and well articulated.”  Gerri Patterson, Director of Education and Israel Programs,Memphis Jewish Federation.

“I so enjoyed your presentation”  Dr. Paul Teller, Deputy Director, House Republican Study Committee, Washington DC. 

“Your analysis is the most compelling I’ve heard.  There are no words to praise your presentation.  Congratulations.”  Daniel Seaman, Former Director of the Israel Government Press Office.

“Your talk went over incredibly well and more than exceeded our expectations.  Even though a variety of perspectives were represented in the room, the feedback was uniformly positive.”  Adam Scheer, Board Member, The Jewish Center, Princeton.

“Everyone who has spoken to me about your lecture at the College and at the Temple had only warm and praiseworthy comments to make.  You impressed us all.”  Prof. Alain Sanders, St-Peters College, Jersey City, NJ.

“It was an absolute pleasure to have you here in Portland. It was clear last night that you not only shared a great deal of information with our guests, but that you connected with them on a personal level. If you were speaking a second night I think everyone who heard you would go out and bring 3 friends along!”  Laurie B. Rogoway, Associate Executive Vice-President, Jewish Federation of Greater Portland.