The Victory of Zionism: Reclaiming the Narrative about Israel’s Domestic, Regional, and International Challenges (2014)

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In The Victory of Zionism, Emmanuel Navon challenges the popular belief that the future of Zionism depends on the resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict, powerfully defending the idea of a Jewish nation-state from its assaulters both at home and abroad.

In direct opposition to Peter Beinart’s The Crisis of Zionism, Navon argues that Israeli democracy is not threatened by the status-quo with the Palestinians but by judicial activism. He reveals how, over the years, the separation of powers in Israel was replaced by a hierarchy of powers dominated by the Judiciary; exposes the European Union’s interference in Israeli politics via government-funded NGOs; shows the consequences of the United States’ blundering foreign policy; and explains the complexities of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

The Victory of Zionism is a must read for leaders, opinion-makers, and citizens who care about the future of Israel and of the Middle East.

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